Follow your passion and complete all your dream. Be a Blogger.

I am a blogger for the last 9 years and I have helped many friends and people to start their own blog.

Bloggin may be a passion but it is not limited to it. you can start blogging for various reasons.

  • Sharing is caring- when you want to share the new knowledge and learnings
  • Archive – When you want to Document your thoughts
  • MONEY – My favourate resong – To make money out of your passion
  • Freebies – Free gadgets and stuff for product reviews
  • Vlogging – Free travel – When you are traveller with mind and writing habits 

Long story short, Lets start leaning about creating and establishing Blog.

Things Required before starting (only one not many):

  • The name of your domain.

PS, We can change domain name anytime in case you find any good name later.


Here are the steps to start and establisign a sucessful blog :

  1. Step 1: Choosing the blog topic
  2. Step 2: Choosing the platform to create blog (mainly 3 options to choose from, we are choosing WordPress)
  3. Step 3: finding a good and memorable domain name & hosting for your blog
  4. Step 4: Install WordPress on the hosting (Steps are given below)
  5. Step 5: Design (UI / UX)of the blog
  6. Step 6: Install the required Plugins
  7. Step 7: Start writing your first blog post
  8. Step 8: Share your written piece with people who are hunglry for information.
  9. Step 9: Blog monetization.
  10. Step 10: Optimiing Blog for more visitors and subscribers.

Step 1. 

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name
When starting a blog, choosing a domain name can be stressful because you don’t want to make a mistake.

To make the process easier, we have a simple 7 step framework that you can use to pick the best domain for your website.

  1. Go with .com domain only
  2. Use base keywords in your domain name
  3.  Memorable and short domain name
  4. The domain name should not be a tough twister
  5. Should not resemble to any brand or other entity
  6. Strictly No hyphens
  7. No doubled lettersUse domain generators for clever ideas

Picking the hosting to start the blog:

Choosing hosting is very crusial for Blogs, as hosting plays a very inportant role in blog loading time, blog speed . We should choose a good hosting provider based on several aspects. Few major aspects are

  • Server Performance. Blog loading speed may be low due to poor optimization and badly coded theme, this can be fixed by developer but if the problem occurs from server side a developer feels helpsless. hence before starting your blog choose a good hosting provider. a oprimized server and good support team can help in website performance.
  • Cost. Unless you start earning a good hosting may seems costly to you. but performance and costing is directly proposnate. Desiper this we have a good news, many hosting providers offer starter page for example hostgator offer Hatchling plan to starting blogs. for more information on cheap and free web hosting comment below.
  • Managed WordPress. installing and tweeking wordpress might be a difficult task specially if you are new to blogging. For begineers almost all hosting providers offers managed wordpress hosting. This is a bit costly than regular hosting but permoramnce is better than regular. In managed wordpress hosting a technical team of hosting provider do some special tweaks and monotor hosting for better permormance. however if you want to swtch from wordpress to another platform you have to change hosting as you can use wordpress on such type of hosting.

Niche Selection:

As per my openion choosing niche is most important part. at this step 50% fate of blog is decided.  You should not choose niche rendomly, neither a mix blog works in 2020. choosing multiple rendom niche in a blog is not at all good idea in current scenerio.

When i say Niche, i talk about choosing a Topic/Segment. The rule is very simple, if peole are searching for a topic and volume is high, Niche is good. But my personal suggetion is to keep your area of interes in mind, this will keep you motivated and will help you to write frequently.

Points to be considered in choosing Blog Niche.

  •  List down a list of topic you have confidence and knowledge. This can be anything the topic you read often, you have educational degree or you have experience in a particular field.
  • This is my personal opinion that you should choose a topic you have passion about. this will help to keep you motivated.



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